Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
It snowed, snowed, and then snowed some more.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Well Deserved Nap.

The calf is the tiny dot by the rock.
Just as I was ready to get into bed and sleep the night away one of the heifers was starting to calve at the 11 pm checking. I was a little surprised because I had looked at them around 7 and I didn't think any of them would have their little ones for a day or so. I don't like being proven wrong, but you would think that I would be use to it by now!!!

I go back to the house and try to stay awake until 1 am, hoping that she would have it by then. I signed into Face Book thinking that would help me pass the time. My friend Joleen sends me a message saying that she had just saw on the news that there was an armed man headed out this way, that woke me up quite a bit. You see, for all of you that think I am some brave country chick, well you are so far from being right. I am afraid of the dark, big time afraid of the dark!

The 1 am arrival.
Being the smart person that I think I am, I did what most women would do, I went and woke up Roger so he would know that he was going to be accompanying on my rounds through out the night. He managed to mumble something that sounded like, 'you'll be ok, the moon is out'! Now this is not what I wanted to hear.  By this time it was around midnight, so I assume the pouting mode and go lay on the bed and fell asleep, out like a light. I woke up at 2 am, hurry and put on my calving attire and make it to the front door, then I woke up enough to remember something about an armed idiot running around out here somewhere so of course I go back to get Roger, who didn't even mumble
or move, so I settled for Buddy. After all he loves me!!

The 4 am arrival.
I run all the way to the corral, dragging Buddy who has decided that he needs to sniff every darn bush so that he can pee on just the perfect one. There is no time for peeing when running from a gun man in the middle of the night, what the heck is this dog thinking. So we get to the corrals in record breaking time, the calf is up nursing and mom is doing fine. Being the good cow woman that I am, I decide to run through the rest of them just to make sure that all is good, and there was another heifer with the feet sticking out walking around. Since this is a 'G' rated blog site, I can't repeat what I really said, but in short it was something like, Oh my heck you have got to be kidding!!! So Buddy and I take off and run back to the house, to find that Roger didn't even move an inch,
how awful is that!! I decide that I will go back around 4 or so.....the
lights goes out again.

Arrived at 8 am, minutes old.
At 4:30 am, Roger comes out to see why I am sleeping on the couch in my clothes. He scares the holy crap out of me, I jump up screaming, Buddy takes off running down the hallway and Roger is standing there looking at me like I am the craziest person he has ever seen!! Now that he has my heart rate racing to the max, I put back on my calving attire, grab my 'guard dog' and flash light to risk my life again to go see if the calf and cow are still alive. I can't believe that I over slept again. I sprinted up to the corral, they were both doing fine but what in the heck is that other one doing in the corner, yep there was another one with the feet just starting to show. I just stood there thinking that I am way under paid for my job, but oh well Roger can come back and check on this one when he feeds in a couple of hours from now while I sleep in until 7:30!

I don't know if I was just tired or if I had decided that I didn't care if the gun man was out here, Buddy and I walked back to the house and I flopped back down on the couch and the lights went out again. After all, I have to be up at 7:30 so I can feed the bulls and the rest of the heifers in the meadow. Why would I need any sleep!
My 5 to 7am nap!!

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