Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
It snowed, snowed, and then snowed some more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Living on Willow Creek, Tough Life Out Here!!

Well winter arrived, we went from nice warm fall days to living in the deep freeze in one day. The time has come to start staying on the Creek in the 5th wheel, and let me tell you what a complete blast it has been.

At first it was ok, the water worked, the fridge worked, you didn't really need much heat, the cows didn't need to be fed and have the ice cut for them, no need for a coat, and you could ride the 4 wheeler to get around on....and then it started to snow, it snowed for 2 complete days. After it stopped snowing without any warning, it had gone from warm days to froze solid. There was no water, you could barely get around at all, the creek was froze, the fridge stopped working, you couldn't get enough heat, you were either frozen in the trailer or out of it, and the cows ate the hay that had been put around the trailer to stop the wind  and drug off the propane tanks - even turned on every valve so there was no gas left in any tank. Yep, it was a done deal, the trailer was froze up like a block of ice with the humans on the inside with no way to get out, and the cows on the outside doing their best to help in any way they could. It has been so much fun. It has gotten so cold that the highly trained border collie cow dogs won't even go with to help move the cows, and they love to herd cows!!

Now for the guys it isn't that big of a deal because their a man. Men don't really care if they take a shower every day, and they can use the bathroom outside without getting frost bite on their behinds. Then there is me,  I like my nice hot bath every night, and I am not using the bathroom outside when it is below the freezing mark. The first few nights and mornings were quite a shock to my system, I would wake up in the morning and my hair would be frozen to the window frame so when I would try to get out of bed to run for the heater, I would about break my neck. I have now started drying my hair before I go to bed to prevent any further damage to my neck. I have learned to bottle water when it is running, so that I can do the things in the morning that I am use to doing, such as brushing my teeth and washing my face. The bottled water is not completely frozen and is still in the slushy stage so this has worked out rather well so far, I have been told that cold water helps keep your skin looking younger. Not sure what freezing water helps with and I probably don't want to know. I have also leaned that if you keep the generator running at night, this helps with two of the biggest problems, the first is not completely freezing to death at night and second is so that you can use the blow drier to thaw out the doors in the morning so that the guys can get right out there to relieve themselves in the sub zero temperatures. Not me, I am waiting for the sun to come up.

We are now feeding the cows and cutting the ice for them. Our easy days have become days of struggles and problems. The tractor has froze up twice now, but of course I make Jay fix it while I sit in the cab all warm and cozy. The ice is about a foot thick already, so of course the cutting of the ice has become a mans job. I can't start the generator, so that is up to the guys. Actually it is Jay's job to stand out in the cold so he can keep the fire going below the hose so we can fill the water tanks - for my nice hot bath. I do switch the valve in the trailer and let him know when the tank is full. When the water pump is froze up, I will use the blow drier to thaw it out so it isn't like I don't do my part and help out! Oh, and as for the fridge...who needs it just put your food out side in the cooler during the day and bring it in at night, we will figure the fridge out when we can stand to be outside long enough to look at it.

I sure can't wait for the day when I have a nice big cabin to live in. The creek is such a pretty place but it is in need of some updating of the living arrangements. I get to stay in the 5th wheel, which is a palace compared to Jay's cabin. I have to say, Jay you sure are one tough dude to rough it the way that you do all the time.

Now it isn't like I am sitting on my behind and taking it easy....feeding the cows is a workout for this gal.