Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
It snowed, snowed, and then snowed some more.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What a day!

Today we were going to push the cows down to Willow Creek, we get up early and since our horses have been push up a canyon that we have no way of getting to them, we were going to use the 4 wheeler. It took over an hour to get it to start and about another 30 minutes to get to warm enough to move. Off to Trail Canyon we go, we get all bundled up and ready to go, we even had Rusty behaving. The 4 wheeler wouldn't start again!

After about another 30 minutes, we are on our way again. There were only 5 cows at Crows Roost and when they saw us coming they ran up the canyon past us, we go back to get them and they run up one side of the canyon so Rusty and I go over after them, Rusty actually went up the hill and got them to come down. Down they came, right past us again full speed a head up the canyon, so we go back and get around them again and they turned around and 'acted like they were going to go towards Willow Creek....but no......we can't have that. Up the side of the canyon, up the wrong canyon, back past us 4 more times until finally they wore themselves out. Two hours into the chase they are off to Willow Creek. Rusty was even tired but he was a good cow dog today!!! Progress, but still not Button!!!!
We shut the gate behind the cows and go back to load the 4 wheeler and head to the creek. Thinking that the day was now going to go as planned. We are going down Wood Canyon and in the middle of nowhere, there is one pickup parked in the back of another. Yep a rear ender, they were looking at a buck, looking at a buck with whiplash. We pull the back pickup out of the bed of the front pickup, they seemed to be amused over the situation, so we left them to figure out how to get back to Vernal.

As we were cutting the ice, that was extremely thick today it was getting dark. We come around a corner and there was so much dust in the air that you couldn't even see the road, we were wondering what the heck!!
When the dust settled there was a huge rock slide that would have caused serious injury if anyone would have been in the way.

So the point of my rambling is....thank God we were late and nothing had gone right this morning because we would have been pancakes for sure!!! 

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  1. Glad you were running late. I do not want to lose a good friend.